Board & Committee Members

Board of Directors

SuperFriend is proud to acknowledge the leadership and direction of our Board of Directors.

Under the Chair’s leadership, the Board of Directors are responsible for oversight of the strategic direction, governance, risk, finance and long-term sustainability of the organisation. The Board of Directors are senior representatives from SuperFriend’s Partner Funds, together with Independent Directors. They meet at least four times a year.

David Atkin (Chair)
Cbus – Chief Executive Officer

Teifi Whatley
(Deputy Chair)

Sunsuper – Executive General Manager, Customer Experience & Insights

Professor Niki Ellis

Independent Director

Rose Kerlin

AustralianSuper – Group Executive, Membership

Sarah Guthleben
Equip – Executive Officer, Capability & Enablement

Megan Bonny
Independent Director

Vicki Doyle
Rest – Chief Executive Officer

Mitch Wallis
Independent Director

Margo Lydon
SuperFriend – Chief
Executive Officer

Glenn Cassidy
SuperFriend – GM – People, Technology & Enablement, and Company Secretary

Our Expert Advisory Committee

SuperFriend’s Expert Advisory Committee is chaired by Professor Niki Ellis and assists the Board in its oversight of innovation activities of SuperFriend. The committee acts as an advisory and consultative committee to the Board and Management, with members being drawn from our Partner Funds, Partner Group Insurers, and mental health experts. In 2020-21, we will commence recruitment of lived experience and Reinsurance Sector representatives.

Professor Niki Ellis (Chair)

Founder – Niki Ellis & Associates, Health Consultant

Maria Falas
Zurich and OnePath – Head of Mental Health & Wellness, Life Insurance

Chris Deakin
LUCRF Super – Executive Manager, Distribution

Dr Laura Kirby
Organisational Psychologist

Harry Lovelock
Mental Health Australia – Director, Policy and Research

Mark Lyons
CareSuper – Executive Manager, Corporate Services

Stephanie Phillips
AIA Australia – GM, Shared Value Partnerships